I was born in East Los Angeles, one out of five girls, to a Filipino Mama and a Nicaraguan Pastor. Although we were really poor, I didn't know it, and somehow my childhood memories still consist of playing endless sports, going on vacations, having warm Christmases, never ending family get-together's, and tons of laughter and love in our home. Being a parent now, I realize how blessed I was and I am so grateful.

Growing up watching my Dad and Mom dedicate their lives to loving God and loving people, I knew I wanted to do the same. What I didn't know, was the journey I would go on before I finally got there. 

At 16 I found myself in an abusive relationship, one that lasted almost 12 years. Within that time I had two beautiful boys, Silas and Quest. My boys were the main motivation for wanting a better life, and in 2011, I finally broke free of the bondage and horror. I couldn't believe I made it through. But then there I was, a single Mom, suppressed and broken. I had no idea who I was and spent the next few years, along with my boys, recovering and trying to figure it out. It was a lot of therapy, support groups, church, prayer, yoga, family and friend support, and simply just time passed. Time for healing to be had and time for strengthening and rediscovering.


Sometimes the biggest battle is just before the biggest breakthrough.

In 2014 I married the man of my dreams. We met on eHarmony and he moved thousands of miles away from his home in Oklahoma to marry me and my two boys in California. We had a beautiful baby girl, Shia Reese, and she was just what this boy-raising Mama needed. Marriage was not easy for us and we found ourselves separated three years in. After 10 months and almost getting a divorce, God brought us back together. Can you believe it?

So now here I am, on a continuous journey, and my mission is clear. I’m loving God, I’m loving people, and I'm using my story to help others.

And while I'm on the path of "inspiring others to own their story by sharing mine," I'm a Social Media Strategist and Brand Consultant, Creative, Mentor, Worship Leader, and Professional Hustler (haha). I do a little bit of everything with a whole lotta coffee and Jesus. Nice to meet you!

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