Social Media

I believe in the power of social media and using it for good. Whether that's while building your online presence, branding your personality and targeting your audience, or just using social networks to tell your story, social media is not going anywhere and I can help you get on board. I offer one-on-one consultations, group sessions, workshops, as well as platform managing.


Confession, I'm an introvert at heart and still get butterflies before I do any public speaking. So, my speaking style? I don't use fancy words and I'm not the motivational speaker type, but my authenticity, vulnerability and hard life experiences make me relatable and set me apart from the norm. I have a strong passion to inspire others to own their story by sharing mine and to equip them with the beliefs and tools to be the person they are called to be. From topics of self-worth, domestic violence and sexual abuse, to parenting with purpose, and female empowerment, I want to partner with you in your next step!

Brand Ambassador

I'd love to help you maximize your social media exposure and engage unique communities that I'm connected with. From self-care, health and wellness, encouraging self-worth, community, domestic violence and sexual abuse healing, female empowerment, travel and lifestyle, family, and all things Jesus, let me proudly represent and advocate for you.    

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